Evil Nun Schools Out

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About Evil Nun Schools Out

Evil Nun Schools Out is a first-person adventure game that belongs to the Evil Nun series. Continuing in the spirit of previous parts, this is a nerve-wracking horror game in which you have to survive five days in the same place with a scary nun. Due to detention, you are in class beyond school hours in a large building with many rooms, all of which are empty save for a cruel, insane nun who is observing you at all times.


Evil Nun Schools Out features the dark atmosphere of a scary abandoned school where you are trapped, and your mission is to find a way to escape and try not to get killed by the evil nun.

The sound and display effects provide players with a realistic experience and a thrilling feeling while playing.

Controls Guide

Try to survive the five days without being killed by the nasty nun who will suddenly emerge by searching rooms for necessary items. To fully play this game and get the feeling that you are inside that spooky school, turn out your lights and crank up the volume.

Move with WASD, observe by using the mouse, and interact with the F key.

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