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About Geometry Dash Horror

Geometry Dash Horror is considered the horror version of the original Geometry Dash. Taking inspiration from the Halloween theme, this version once more puts us to the test with one of their games, and this time they offer us a terrifying experience that requires us to survive in a dreadful setting. The game's mechanics are the same as usual; you must leap with the cube through the platforms while attempting to avoid hazards in the form of spikes that could result in death.

You can choose from a variety of stages in this updated Geometry Dash horror game, and you don't have to complete one to access the next one. Play the Geometry Dash Horror game to show off your skills once more.


It is recommended to play the updated version with scary components. The online game Geometry Dash Horror is ideal if you enjoy the setting of scary stories. You continue to look forward to the same thrilling experiences from the square with a compelling story but a fresh design.

Controls Guide

Utilize your abilities while avoiding the pitfalls. That's what you need to do in Geometry Dash Horror. You have a limited source of time to travel.

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