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About Ice Scream

Ice Scream is a horror game that will keep you on your toes. Set in a suburban neighborhood, you must escape from a creepy ice cream seller who kidnaps children and locks them in his truck.

What do you know about the game Ice Scream?

Horror atmosphere: Ice Scream has a creepy atmosphere that will surely scare players. The game is set at night on deserted streets. The only sound you can hear is the music of the ice cream truck.
Challenging gameplay: Ice Scream is not a game for the faint of heart. The ice cream seller is a skilled hunter, and he won't go out of his way to catch you. You must use all your skills to escape from him.
Mysterious Villain: The Ice Cream Seller is a mysterious and menacing character. His motives are unknown, and he will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
Simple but addictive gameplay: Ice Scream is simple to play but also addictive. You'll want to keep playing to see if you can escape the ice cream seller and rescue the kids.

Ice Scream has a special and free way to play.

Explore the neighborhood: The first step to getting rid of the ice cream vendor is to explore the neighborhood. You will need to find clues to help you escape, and you also need to find a way to get to the ice cream truck.
Avoid the ice cream seller: The ice cream seller is always looking for his next victim. If you see him, you need to hide or run away. If he catches you, the game is over.
Use items to your advantage: There are a variety of items that you can use to your advantage in Ice Scream. You can use chairs to block doors, windows to escape, and even the ice cream seller's own weapon against him.
Escape from the ice cream truck: Once you have found all the clues and escaped from the ice cream vendor, you need to escape from the ice cream truck. This is not easy because the ice cream seller will be very impatient with you.

Play now to enjoy the thrill of Ice Scream.

Ice Scream is a must-see for horror fans. With a chill atmosphere, challenging gameplay, mysterious villains, and simple yet addictive gameplay, this game is sure to give you a thrill.
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