POPPY SURVIVE TIME: HUGIE WUGIE is a horror game inspired by FNAF (Five Nights at Freddy's), a popular series in which you must survive five nights in an animated haunted pizzeria . In this game, you have to rescue your friend Poppy Doll, who has been kidnapped by Hugie Wugie, a giant blue monster that wanders around an abandoned toy factory. You will need to explore the dark and scary environment, find clues, solve puzzles and avoid being captured by Hugie Wugie or his minions. Here are some tips on how to survive in this game.

Some tips for you to win at POPPY SURVIVE TIME: HUGIE WUGIE

Use your flashlight in the smartest way.

Flashlight is your best friend in this game, as it helps you to see in the dark and detect any danger. However, it also has limited battery life, so you have to use it sparingly. You can turn it on and off by pressing the F key. You should only use it when you need to see something clearly and turn it off when you don't need it. This way you can save battery life and also avoid attracting the attention of Hugie Wugie.

Put on your headphones and focus on the action

Sound is very important in this game, as it can alert you to Hugie Wugie's presence and location. You can hear his footsteps, his breathing, his laughter and his voice. You should pay attention to these sounds and try to figure out where he is and what he is doing. If he is near you, you should hide or run as fast as possible. If he is far away, you can take the opportunity to probe and find clues.

Knowing how to hide is the best way at POPPY SURVIVE TIME

There are many hiding spots in the game, such as lockers, cabinets, boxes, and vents. You can use these places to hide from Hugie Wugie or his minions when they are nearby. To hide, you must press the E key when approaching the hiding place. To exit, you must press the E key again. However, hiding is not always safe, as Hugie Wugie can sometimes find you and drag you out. You should only hide when you have no other choice and try to escape as soon as possible.

Good thinking to solve any question at POPPY SURVIVE TIME: HUGIE WUGIE.

The game has many puzzles that you must solve to progress and find the Poppy Doll. These puzzles involve finding keys, codes, switches, levers, and other items that can unlock doors or activate mechanisms. You should try to solve these puzzles as quickly as possible, as they can help you access new areas or items that can help you stay alive. However, be careful not to make too much noise or trigger any traps while solving the puzzle, as this could alert Hugie Wugie or his minions.

Only perseverance and tenacity can win at POPPY SURVIVE TIME: HUGIE WUGIE.

The game is very challenging and scary, and you will probably die many times before succeeding. However, do not give up and keep trying until you can rescue Poppy Doll. The game has checkpoints to save your progress every time you complete a puzzle or reach a new area. You can also collect batteries and medical kits that can restore your flashlight and health respectively. Remember that your friend is counting on you and you can do it if you are brave and smart.

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