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The Last Stand: Can You Survive the Horde?

Are you ready for a heart-pounding test of survival? "The Last Stand" throws you into a desperate fight against the undead, where every night brings a new wave of terror. This gripping horror game puts your resourcefulness and courage to the ultimate test. Can you barricade yourself well enough, scavenge enough supplies, and find the strength to survive until dawn?

Key Features:

  • Intense 20-Day Challenge: The clock is ticking. You have 20 days and nights to fight for your life. Will you succumb to the relentless horde, or will you emerge as a hardened survivor?
  • Arsenal of 11 Weapons: From scavenging for makeshift tools to wielding powerful firearms, you'll need to adapt and utilize every weapon at your disposal to defend your barricade.
  • Endless Throngs of the Undead: Face over 3500+ randomly generated zombie attacks. Stay alert, strategize, and fight for every breath!
  • A Labor of Love: Developed over 8 months, "The Last Stand" is a passion project brimming with atmosphere and thrilling gameplay.

Intuitive Controls for Fast-Paced Action:

  • Movement: Utilize the WASD keys to navigate your environment swiftly.
  • Aim and Fire: Line up your shots with the mouse and unleash a torrent of destruction on the approaching horde.
  • Weapon Switching: Adapt to different situations with the Space key, quickly switching between weapons for maximum effectiveness.
  • Reloading: Don't get caught empty-handed! Use the R key to reload your weapon and stay in the fight.
  • Pause and Options: Need a breather? The ESC key lets you access the options menu and pause the game for tactical regrouping.

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